Serum levels of serotonin as a biomarker of newly diagnosed fibromyalgia in women: Its relation to the platelet indices

Marwan S M Al?Nimer, Talar A Merza Mohammad, Riyadh A Alsakeni


Background: Tis study aimed to assess the serum serotonin levels in the newly diagnosed fbromyalgia (FM) and to relate these levels to the presenting signs and symptoms. Materials and Methods: Tis case–control study included 35 healthy women (Group I) served  as controls and 130 women with newly diagnosed FM (Group II). Te diagnosis of FM was confrmed by the diagnostic criteria of the American College of Rheumatology?10. Te assessment of pain using a revised fbromyalgia impact questionnaire and tender points scoring, blood platelet indices, and serum serotonin levels were determined. Results: Group II patients had signifcantly (P < 0.001) higher values of mean platelet volume (MPV) (10.60 ± 1.57fL) and platelet width distribution (16.25 ± 1.45%) than the corresponding values in Group I (8.73 ± 0.81fL and 15.0 ± 1.15%). Signifcant low?serum serotonin levels observed in Group II patients compared with Group I healthy individuals (187.3 ± 50.3 ng/ml vs. 219.5 ± 78.3 ng/ml, P = 0.026). Multiple linear regression analysis showed the
nonsignifcant correlations between serum serotonin levels and platelet indices in Group II patients. Conclusion: Newly diagnosed FM women have signifcantly low?serum serotonin levels, which does not correlate with a signifcant increment of the platelet activity expressed as increase MPV and platelet width distribution percentage. Terefore, this study highlighted that the correction of serum serotonin level by medicines could help the patients.


Fibromyalgia, mean platelet volume, platelet activation, serotonin

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