Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 2018. 23(8):J Res Med Sci 2018, 23:72 (23 August 2018).

Pulse wave analyzed cardiovascular parameters in young first degree relatives of hypertensives
Jayesh Dalpatbhai Solanki, Hemant B Mehta, Chinmay J Shah


Background: First?degree relatives (FDRs) of hypertensive (HT) are predisposed to hypertension (HTN) which accelerates cardiovascular aging. Same can be studied noninvasively by pulse wave analysis (PWA), encompassing central hemodynamics such as central blood pressure (cBP), cardiac output, and stroke work (SW) and vascular sti?ness parameters such as pulse wave velocity (PWV) and augmentation index at HR 75 (AIx@75). We studied PWA?derived cardiovascular parameters in FDRs of HT compared to controls. Materials and Methods: We conducted a case–control study in 119 FDRs of HT and 119 matched controls. Oscillometric PWA was performed by Mobil?o?Graph (IEM, Germany) and cardiovascular parameters were compared. P < 0.05 was considered statistically signifcant. Results: Groups were comparable with gender, age, height, weight, body mass index, and physical activity. FDRs of HT had signifcantly higher brachial and cBPs, SW (101.41 ± 25.44 vs. 88.31 ± 20.25, P = 0.001), rate pressure product?119.40 ± 25.34 vs. 108.34 ± 18.17, P < 0.0001), PWV (5.22 ± 0.46, P < 0.0001), and AIx@75 (31.48 ± 9.01 vs. 27.95 ± 9.4,
P = 0.002) than control. Dependent study variables correlated with brachial blood pressure more in magnitude and signifcance level than age or anthropometric variables. PWA results of FDR with maternal inheritance did not di?er signifcantly from those with paternal inheritance. Conclusion: PWA reveals early cardiovascular aging in young FDRs of HTs. It clues to future cardiovascular disease including HTN itself, need for primary prevention, and further study for consolidation of these results.


Cardiovascular, frst degree relative, hypertensive, oscillometric, pulse wave analysis

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