Colonization with hospital flora and its associated risk factors in neonates hospitalized in neonatal ward of a teaching center in Isfahan, Iran

Kiana Shirani, Kamyar Mostafavizadeh, Behrouz Ataei, Khatere Akhani


Background: Due to the high incidence and prevalence of infection in  neonatal ward, especially Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) reported by di?erent studies and the important role of colonization with hospital germs in the development of nosocomial infections, we intended to  evaluate the risk of colonization with hospital germs in neonates and its associated risk factors. Materials and Methods: Tis cross-sectional, descriptive-analytical study was conducted in 2016 in a Teaching Center in Iran. In total, 51 neonates were selected based on the inclusion criteria, and after recording their information in a checklist, samples were taken by swab from outer ear, axilla, and groin for culture. Neonates with negative culture from mentioned regions were enrolled in the study. Te swab
samples again were taken and sent for culture from mentioned regions in at least 3 days after hospitalization. Culture results from frst and second sampling were collected and analyzed statistically. Results: Tis study was conducted on 51 neonates. Te mean gestational age among the neonates ranged from 35.25 (Week) ± 2.98. 22 girls (43.1%) and 29 boys (56.9%), most of them were born by cesarean. Based on the results of logistic regression, a signifcant association was found between the occurrence of colonization of hospital ?ora and the place hospitalization of the newborns (odds ratio (OR): 4.750; 95% confdence interval (CI): 1.26–17.85).
Conclusion: Tis study revealed that the only risk factors of colonization with hospital ?ora in neonates are the type of delivery and place of  hospitalization. Based on fndings of the study, it is recommended to focus on e?orts in increasing the rate of natural birth as well as improving  conditions of infection control in NICUs to reduce the number of incidences of colonization with hospital ?ora in neonates.


Colonization, hospital ?ora, isolation of di?erent microorganisms

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