Effects of nanozeolite/starch thermoplastic hydrogels on wound healing

Hossein Salehi, Mohammad Mehrasa, Bijan Nasri-Nasrabadi, Mohsen Doostmohammadi, Reihaneh Seyedebrahimi, Navid Davari, Mohammad Rafenia, Mehdi Ebrahimian Hosseinabadi, Maria Agheb, Mansour Siavash


Background: Wound healing is a complex biological process. Some injuries lead to chronic nonhealing ulcers, and healing process is a challenge to both the patient and the medical team. We still look forward an  appropriate wound dressing. Materials and Methods: In this study, starch?based nanocomposite hydrogel sca?olds reinforced by zeolite nanoparticles (nZ) were prepared for wound dressing. In addition, a herbal drug (chamomile extract) was added into the matrix to accelerate healing process. To estimate the cytocompatibility of hydrogel dressings, fbroblast mouse cells (L929) were cultured on sca?olds. Ten, 3?(4, 5?dimethylthiazol?2?yl)?2, 5?diphenyltetrazolium?bromide assay test and  interaction of cells and sca?olds were evaluated. For evaluating healing process, 48 male rats were randomly divided into four groups of four animals each (16 rats at each step). Te ulcers of the frst group were treated with the same size of pure hydrogels. Te second group received a bandage with the same size of hydrogel/extract/4 wt% nZ (hydrogel NZE).  Te third group was treated with chamomile extract, and the fourth group was considered as control without taking any medicament. Finally, the  dressings were applied on the chronic refractory ulcers of fve patients. Results: After successful surface morphology and cytocompatibility tests,  the animal study was carried out. Tere was a signifcant di?erence between starch/extract/4 wt% nZ and other groups on wound size decrement after day 7 (P < 0.05). At the clinical pilot study step, the refractory ulcers of all fve patients were healed without any hypersensitivity reaction. Conclusion: Starch?based hydrogel/zeolite dressings may be safe and e?ective for  chronic refractory ulcers.


Chamomile, hydrogel, nanocomposite, ulcer, wound, zeolite

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