Classic high lateral tension and triangular resection methods to prevent dog ear and elongation scar in patients undergoing abdominoplasty: A comparative open-label clinical trial

Hossein Abdali, Mohammad Bagher Heydari, Mahomod Omranifard, Majid Rasti


Background: One of the most common operations in the plastic surgery curse is abdominoplasty. Several methods were recommended for achieving better results. In the present study, efficacy of a new method compared with classical high lateral tension on preventing dog ear and elongation scar was evaluated. Materials and Methods: in an open-label, randomized clinical trial, seventy patients who were candidates for abdominoplasty were selected and randomly divided into two groups. Te first group was operated by classic high lateral method and the second group was operated by a new method concentrating on changing incision line and angle. Dog ear prevention, length of scar, improvement, and postoperative complications were compared between the two groups. Results: Te mean ± standard deviation (SD) length of scar in treated patients with classical and new abdominoplasty surgical methods was 53.68 ± 6.34 and 41.71 ± 1.78 cm, respectively, and the length of scar in the group treated with the new method was significantly shorter (P < 0.001). Te mean ± SD distance between two anterior superior iliac spine in group treated by new method was significantly decreased after surgery (31.3 ± 1.3 cm) compared to before intervention (36.7 ± 3.9 cm) (P < 0.01). Conclusion: Te new method is more likely to be successful in patients with high lateral tension abdominoplasty. However, according to the lack of similar studies in this regard and the fact that this method was introduced for the first time, it is recommended that further studies in this area are needed and patients in term of complications after surgery need a longer period of follow-up.

Key words: Abdominoplasty, dog ear, high lateral tension, scar length


Abdominoplasty, dog ear, high lateral tension, scar length

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