An intriguing case of gallstone ileus after hepaticojejunostomy caused by a “stone on a suture”

Mahir Gachabayov, Petr Mityushin


Gallstone ileus (GI) is a mechanical obstruction of small or large bowel caused by gallstone passed to the intestinal lumen  through spontaneous or postoperative biliodigestive fistula. A 42?year?old female patient was admitted with the clinical presentation of small bowel obstruction. She underwent hepaticojejunostomy 4 years prior to admission for primary sclerosing cholangitis. Barium meal follows through revealed Rigler’s triad. The patient underwent laparotomy which revealed GI. A “stone on a suture” was removed through enterotomy. Patients after cholecystectomy and hepaticojejunostomy can develop GI. Nonabsorbable suture used to create biliodigestive anastomosis can appear to become the frame of a “stone on a suture.”

Key words: Bouveret’s syndrome, enterolithotomy, gallstone ileus, hepaticojejunostomy, small bowel obstruction

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