Management of ovarian cysts in infants

Yan Xue-qiang, Zheng Nan-nan, Yu Lei, Lu Wei, Bian Hong-qiang, Yang Jun, Duan Xu-fei, Qin Xin-ke


Background: To discuss the experience of diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cyst in infants. Materials and Methods: A retrospective review was conducted on 20 infants who suffered from ovarian cyst. Results: There were no dysplasia ovarian was found in children which were preoperatively diagnosed simplex cyst. Within thirteen children preoperatively detected mixed cystic-solid lesion, six cases ovarian cysts disappeared and two cases underwent poor blood  supply in the following time. Conclusion: Adverse effects for ovarian cyst in infants can be prevented by agressive surgical intervention. Harmful effects of ovarian cyst can be prevented by positive  surgical intervention despite the diagnostic difficulties in children with clinical symptoms of this condition.

Key words: Infants, laparoscopic, ovarian cyst

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