A review on equipped hospital beds with wireless sensor networks for reducing bedsores

Sima Ajami, Lida Khaleghi


At present, the solutions to prevent bedsore include using various techniques for movement and displacement of patients, which is not  possible for some patients or dangerous for some of them while it also poses problems for health care providers. On the other hand, development of information technology in the health care system including application of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has led to easy and quick service-providing. It can provide a solution to prevent bedsore in motionless and disabled patients.Hence, the aim of this article was fi rst to introduce WSNs in hospital beds and second, to identify the benefi ts and challenges in implementing this technology. Th is study was a nonsystematic review. The literature was searched for WSNs to reduce and prevent bedsores with the help of libraries, databases (PubMed, SCOPUS, and EMBASE), and also searches engines available at Google Scholar including during 1974-2014 while the inclusion criteria were applied in English and Persian. In our searches, we employed the following keywords and their combinations: “wireless sensor network,” “smart bed,” “information technology,” “smart mattress,” and “bedsore” in the searching areas of titles, keywords, abstracts, and full texts. In this study, more than 45 articles and reports were collected and 37 of them were selected based on their relevance. Therefore, identification and implementation of this technology will be a  step toward mechanization of traditional procedures in providing care for hospitalized patients and disabled people. The smart bed and mattress, either alone or in combination with the other technologies, should be capable of providing all of the novel features while still providing the comfort and safety features usually associated with traditional and hospital mattresses. It can eliminate the expense of bedsore in the intensive care unit (ICU) department in the hospital and save much expense there.

Key words: Advantage, bedsore, chronic disease, smart bed, smart mattress, wireless sensor network (WSN)

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