Ultrasonographic alterations of pancreas in diabetic patients

Reza Basiratnia, Ali Hekmatnia, Mohammad Reza Kolahriz


BACKGROUND: Pancreas as the insulin-producing gland is subjected to destruction and change in the diabetes-producing process. Realtime sonography can assess the gland in 95% of cases and its accuracy in diagnosis of pancreatic disease matches that of CT-scan. The purpose of this study was to evaluate pancreatic diameter and echogenicity by sonography and to examine the correlation of these two factors with duration of disease in diabetes types I and II in comparison with controls.
METHODS: In two groups of 60 diabetic patients and healthy controls, diameter and echogenicity of pancreas was determined.
RESULTS: Diameter of pancreas was significantly different in diabetic patients and correlated with duration of disease.
CONCLUSIONS: In type I diabetes, decrease in the size of pancreas was more prevalent than in type II diabetes and these
changes become more prominent over time.


Diabetes mellitus, sonography, pancreas

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