A Systematic Review on the Association of Serum Selenium and Metabolic Syndrome

Mohammad Hasan Tajaddini, Mojtaba Keikha, Armin Razazadeh, Roya Kelishadi


Background: This systematic review paper aims to study the experimental and human studies on the relationship between metabolic syndrome (MetS), its component and selenium (Se) concentration. Materials and Methods: The literature was searched in PubMed, Scopus, and Google Scholar databases with no time limitation using MetS X and Se key words in medical subject heading. The related papers were selected in three phases. After quality assessment, two reviewers extracted the data, whereas the third reviewer checked their extracted data. All evidence comes from experimental and laboratory studies. Results: Finally, 18 articles were included. While, some studies documented that as an antioxidant agent, Se might be correlated with endothelial function, large controversy exists about the type of correlation including positive, negative, and no correlation between MetS and Se levels in body. Some of the reviewed studies were focused on antioxidant supplementation effects on MetS, results also varied in this regard. Conclusion: This inconsistency could be because of diversity in study design, population, lack of special focus on Se and MetS, and finally the complex nature of MetS.


Key words: Selenium, metabolic syndrome, prevention, systematic review

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