Cognitive-analytical therapy for a patient with functional neurological symptom disorder-conversion disorder (psychogenic myopia): A case study

Hamid Nasiri, Amrollah Ebrahimi, Arash Zahed, Mostafa Arab, Rahele Samouei


Functional neurological symptom disorder commonly presents with symptoms and defects of sensory and motor functions. Therefore,
it is often mistaken for a medical condition. It is well known that functional neurological symptom disorder more often caused by
psychological factors. There are three main approaches namely analytical, cognitive and biological to manage conversion disorder. Any of such approaches can be applied through short-term treatment programs. In this case, study a 12-year-old boy with the diagnosed functional neurological symptom disorder (psychogenic myopia) was put under a cognitive-analytical treatment. The outcome of this treatment modality was proved successful.

Key words: Conversion disorder, cognitive analytical therapy, functional neurological symptom disorder, psychogenic myopia

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