Tuberculosis of symphysis pubis: A case report

Sanjay Meena, Shreesh Kumar Gangary


Symphysis pubis is an uncommon site of tuberculosis and only few cases have been reported in the literature. It is important to distinguish it from the more common entities like Osteitis pubis and Osteomyelitis of pubis symphysis to prevent delay in diagnosis and minimize morbidity and prevent complications. We report a rare case of tuberculosis of symphysis pubis in a 50-year-old Indian female from low socioeconomic status. Diagnosis is not difficult if one is aware of the condition. A high index of suspicion along with radiograph and fine needle aspiration led to the diagnosis. The patient had an excellent outcome following a complete course of anti-tuberculous chemotherapy for tuberculosis.


Key words: Musculoskeletal, osteitis pubis, tuberculosis

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