Appendiceal knotting causing small bowel strangulation

Chandan Chatterjee, Suvashis Dash, Sahana Gupta, Shibajyoti Ghosh


Small bowel obstruction is a common cause of an emergency admission in the surgical wards. Acute appendicitis presenting with
small bowel obstruction due to appendiceal knotting is a very rare and unsuspected condition in an emergency scenario. We report
a case of acute small bowel obstruction in a 26-year-old male who, on exploration was found to have small bowel strangulation
due to appendiceal knotting. Though rare, the possibilities of such a diagnosis should be kept in mind in patients with small bowel
obstruction with no known identifi able etiology.
Key words: Appendiceal knotting, appendicitis, strangulation

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