A novel missense mutation in the GNE gene in an Iranian patient with hereditary inclusion body myopathy

Mahdiyeh Behnam, Shin Jin-Hong, Dae-Seong Kim, Keivan Basiri, Yalda Nilipour, Maryam Sedghi


Hereditary inclusion body myopathy (hIBM) is an adult-onset hereditary myopathy, usually with distal onset and quadriceps sparing. This myopathy is autosomal recessive and associated to UPD-N-acetylglucosamine-2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine kinase (GNE) gene mutations. In this study, we report a novel GNE homozygous point mutation c.1834T>G that results in amino acid substitution of cysteine 612 to glutamine in an Iranian patient. This mutation is located in exon 10 within the kinase domain of the protein.


Key words: GNE, hIBM, neuromuscular, sialic acid

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